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Just How Many Homes Does Taylor Swift Need?

Taylor Swift is currently worth around $360 million and is the owner of 8 homes in the United States. Just how many homes does a person need? Ok, perhaps she is doing an AirB2B with them or something, I don’t know. But if she just owns them to stay in them temporarily, she is incurring… Read More »

Here Is A Plan Of Action To Save More Money

There is only two ways to put more money into savings: make more or spend less. You may have trouble doing either. This blog post is designed to give you actual tasks, expenses to look at, and mindset changes that may help you start to build your savings account. Why Do You Want To Save… Read More »

Why Have An Emergency Fund?

I want to seriously warn you that you should have an emergency fund. The last thing you want to have to do is raid your stock portfolio because you lost your job or need an expensive repair. Note though that so many things could be defined as an emergency. So maybe we should define what… Read More »