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Are You Really Up For Stock Investing?

Anybody can invest in the stock market, yes. But should any given person? There are traps to watch out for. If you are in it to get rich quick, you will likely lose. Why? Because you probably won’t build up an emergency fund first. You’ll put a chunk of money in your brokerage account. Invest… Read More »

What To Do When Stock Prices Don’t Move As They Should

You did all of your due diligence on a company. You looked at cash and debt. You liked its profit growth or revenue growth. You figured out a reasonable price for the stock. But immediately after you buy the stock for a fair price it declines. Why? Benjamin Graham would say: “In the short run,… Read More »

Is Being Hooked On Financial News Keeping You Broke?

We are all adrenaline junkies. The market goes up, we want to buy. The market goes down, we want to sell. It is an exciting roller coaster. What if, just if, what you watch or read on CNBC, Bloomberg, or Forbes, is just noise. It makes you feel like you must take action. But in… Read More »