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Welcome To The Tech Stock Selloff

Happy Memorial Day. Today we solute our men and women in uniform. Our country would not be what it is without you. And of course I hope you are having a good day off work and off staring at the market changes to your 10 stocks. Last Thursday and Friday saw a selloff of tech… Read More »

Stock Market Investing: Cash Is King Right Now

It seems like nobody believes me. The market can only go up right? If you believe that, the top 1% in wealth will get your stock market investment. Why? Because it doesn’t feel good to “lose money”. I quote that because I mean market value. Most novice investors will sell like crazy when the market… Read More »

What’s Up With The Market?

In this age of Covid-19, you would think the market would be going down down down but the market is going up up up. Why? If you are asking yourself this question, which I also did, you should definitely be holding some cash. Cash as in cash you can invest when the market does go… Read More »