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Living Off Your Investments Should Be Your Goal – i.e. Retirement

I like to begin with the end in mind. So generally, I save and invest for retirement. I do have a regular brokerage account but that is savings for my kinds, our savings is in IRAs and 401(k)s. Not to say that having a regular brokerage account is a bad idea. You can always buy… Read More »

Week In Review 6/7/2020

The following are the things we learned this week: We learned why we might want to invest. We invest to beat inflation, for compound growth, and just for the fun of it. How we can make 22.99% tax free! Spoiler – It is saving money by paying extra to your credit cards until they are… Read More »

What Can I Do With My Employer’s 401(k)?

If you are working for somebody else and you have a 401(k) plan available to you, should you contribute? How much should you contribute? What should you invest in? Can you borrow against a 401(k)? What should you do with the 401(k) when you change jobs? Should You Contribute To Your 401(k)? A simple question… Read More »