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What Does It Take To Be Financially Independent?

You can be financially independent if you like. That may seem like a pretty big elephant at this point, but it is certainly possible. Now, you could be financially independent by owning rental units and bringing in more than you spend. You could sell your time or effort for money, similar to a job, but… Read More »

Why Invest Anyway?

I thought today I would answer the bigger question of why a person would want to invest in stocks? To make money is simply not good enough. You can make money with a savings account right? Here are some of the reasons you would want to invest: To beat inflation. Inflation causes your cash to… Read More »

You Are The Master Of Your Domain

Are you an internal locus of control person or an external? External locus of control people believe that everything that happens to them is beyond their control. Internal locus of control people believe that they control what happens to them for the most part. Let me tell you, if you are going to blame anybody… Read More »