Homebuying and Homebuilders

Tomorrow we are closing on a new home we put a contract on back around December 1, 2020. Back then there was a big run up in prices and some home builders were having lotteries to pick who gets to buy their new homes. Our builder was reasonable and didn’t do that. Plus we bought… Read More »

The Stock Market Hates Uncertainty

Covid. The Election transition. Christmas. The market sure hates uncertainty, and the virus is getting worse. It will probably continue until we have a good vaccine in enough volume. The election transition looks like it’ll play out until January 20. Hopefully not. With the downturn this year, Christmas shopping season is less than certain. And… Read More »

Quick Review of Focus Investing

I thought it might be about time for a quick review of focus investing. Here are the tenants and they are linked to articles describing them in more detail: Check out this article on the reasons to invest. Find ways to save more of your income for emergencies and for investing. Make sure to have… Read More »

Truth, Lies, and Investing In Stocks

Tomorrow is election day in the United States, a good day for discussing information. Information is plentiful these days. Some is truth, and there is only one set of truths, there are no alternate truths. Some information is opinion. Some is an interpretation of what the truth means (spin). And some is downright lies (misinformation).… Read More »

It Just Might Be A Good Time To Have 30% Or More In Cash

I kept my cash bar pretty high over the last 3 or 4 months, but maybe you have been more daring. As we head into record territory yet again, maybe it is a good time to look at your cash position and decide whether to beef it up. Cash in this case is uninvested cash… Read More »